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UK Scouts add new money badge, Robinhood to go Public, and Payment cards are more popular than ever before

UK Scouts Money Badge: Recent studies have shown that children do not have a good grasp on how money works or how to handle it.  Since education on money and finances is not taught in school, children sometimes enter adulthood with the need to handle money, but no concept of how to do so.  In order to combat this, Scouts in the UK have added a new money badge. BBC covers how this badge can be earned by completing up to 20 different activities concerning finance. 

Robinhood going Public: Robinhood has been breaking the norms and headlines for various reasons throughout 2021.  This week they announced that they would be going public.  “Robinhood said it planned to sell shares at $38 to $42 each. At the midpoint of that range, it would raise $2.2 billion and be valued at about $33 billion; at the high end, it would be worth about $35 billion.” The New York Times covers the full story of how they plan to begin trading by the end of next week.

Payment Cards VS Cash: Over the years cash has been used less in exchange for digital payment cards.  During the pandemic many stores refused to accept cash for sanitary reasons which sped up this process of switching to cards only.  Axios considers the positive and negative implications of doing away with cash completely and going fully digital.

Resumes on TikTok: If you were to ask anyone from the Baby Boomer generation the best way to ensure a job interview, they would tell you that nothing is better than delivering your resume in person and looking your future employer in the eye while giving them a firm handshake.  This previously genius recipe for success no longer works as many employers list their job applications on the internet with the words, “please no calls” at the bottom.  However, as Gen Z enters the workforce, they have learned new creative ways to get their name to the top of the pile.  The New York Times covers how these young adults are putting their resumes into 60 second videos on TikTok and receiving numerous job opportunities.

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