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A fundamental aspect of Vested’s integrated approach is our exceptionally creative staff of designers, who are deeply passionate about finance and possess an extensive understanding of the industry landscape. Our in-house creative team collaborates closely with account leads and clients to vividly bring narratives to life through both digital and physical assets.

Award Winning Creative Services

Vested’s creative studio is consistently recognized as a key player in the global financial services space.

Our Creative Services

Vested’s team of finance-focused designers bring your brand to life.


Our experienced design team creates unique, engaging visual elements essential for communicating your business’s brand identity.


As an integrated firm, Vested not only produces printed and digital marketing content but also collaborates closely with our creative designers to ensure that all presentations, whitepapers, and digital materials are visually striking, impeccably designed, and in line with brand guidelines.


Billboards, digital displays, social media adverts, direct mail – we create them all. Whether your business requires print, digital, television, or outdoor advertising creative, our teams possess extensive experience in designing adverts for the leading brands in finance.


Our designers animate visuals using both two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques, an approach that enriches storytelling and can render complex financial narratives more comprehensible.


Vested collaborates with experienced photographers, each with a range of specialities, encompassing campaign shoots, executive portraits, and event photography.


Our designers amplify your message and inject personality into a brand with illustrations that communicate ideas in a more captivating manner than traditional text.


We collaborate with global data and research partners to collect information and conduct surveys, then relay the findings to our in-house creative teams who create reports that communicate key outcomes, tailored for your specific audience.


We possess the capabilities and experience to collaborate with your brand on any and all video requirements, including film, commercials, and both pre- and post-production.


User experience and interface are crucial in successful digital projects, and our digital experts utilise all best practices to ensure a positive and efficient experience for the end-user.


Vested has conceived and created award-winning websites for leading blue-chip brands in the financial services sector.


There’s more than meets the eye in operating a successful website. Our team manages technical maintenance, design improvements, legal compliance, user support, content updates… the list goes on.

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As a leading creative firm, Vested’s work stands out across the industry.

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We work clients both big and small within the finance and fintech spaces. From high-growth blockchain technology companies to premier global banking institutions, our clients touch every facet of the industry.

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