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Fortnite Wins, Cryptocurrency in Afghanistan, and Cybersecurity at Home

Fortnite Wins: On September 10, the US District Court ruled in favor of EpicGames, the owner of the popular game Fortnite.  For those who don’t know, Fortnite was fighting for the right to allow their users to make in-game purchases without going through the App Store.  This ruling changed the course of all Apple games when it comes to in app payment.  Kotaku covers how this change will affect all games that are sold on the Apple store starting December 9, 2021.

Cryptocurrency in Afghanistan: After the US announced their plan of withdrawal from Afghanistan, there was an immediate spike in the use of cryptocurrency. Why?  The Wall Street Journal points to the upcoming economic uncertainty after the US departure.  Since the fall of Kabul, the usage of cryptocurrency has only increased.  With their economy crumbling, many are worried that Afghanistan may turn to cryptocurrency as a more permanent solution which could lead to more security risks worldwide.

Cybersecurity at Home: While the world shut down and the pandemic ran rampant, many were easily able to switch to remote work.  However, IT teams have had their work cut out for them as many begin to battle additional cybersecurity measures.  According to ZDNet, “Unfortunately, almost half of the office workers of all ages believe cybersecurity measures waste their time, and the figure increases to 64% among those under the age of 24. The survey found that 54% of 18-24-year-olds cared more about their deadlines than causing a data breach.”  

Finance in College: Most college students live their life in a free spirited manner, especially when it comes to financial decisions. However, the pandemic has changed the way these young adults look at money.  ABC covers the new findings of economists who have found this shift with college students.  They think more for the long term and want to know the best ways to invest their money and secure a job after college. 

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