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Cashier-less Stores, Millennials Investing, Taxing Billionaires

Cashier-less Stores: While Amazon was the first retailer with the concept of cashier-less stores, other retailers are not far behind. Ad Week tells us of Circle K’s plans of 6 checkout free stores in Arizona.  They have decided to partner with Garbango, who uses new AI technology to track what each customer purchases.

Millennials Investing: The world around us changes more and more everyday.  This includes how young people like to invest their money. Unlike those before them, millennials are much less likely to trust their money in the hands of an investment firm.  Many turn to social media platforms to learn financial insights from others their age, including the basic dos and don’ts of investing.  According to The Wall Street Journal these young investors are opting for apps such as Robinhood where they are quickly able to make changes and monitor their earnings.  

Taxing Billionaires:  This past week in Congress, a new tax applying mostly to billionaires was quickly shot down.  The Wall Street Journal dives into the details of how this proposal would have a much larger effect on the American public, other than just the top one percent.  Unfortunately, this proposal did not make it very far and has been shelved for future consideration.

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