Amazon Pay Errors, Supply Chain 2022, and Technology Hacking

Amazon Pay Errors: A year ago, an Amazon employee noticed an error in her paycheck, which brought attention to much deeper issues within the company. The New York Times covers the story of hundreds of Amazon employees who were also affected by this error.  The issues don’t just stop at incorrect paychecks.  Employees who were out on medical leave were recorded as no shows.  Others on disability simply stopped receiving their checks.  Amazon is currently the second largest private employer in the U.S. and while they are trying to resolve these issues, many still exist even after discovering them a year ago.

Supply Chain 2022: As we enter the season of gift giving, many have become concerned with the shelves not getting stocked in time.  Vox informs us that according to Jerome Powell, this crisis will be carried over with us into the new year. While it is always a good idea to get a head start on your holiday shopping these issues will last much longer than this joyful season. The current hope is that things will return to normal by summer of next year.

Technology Hacking: While hackings go in and out of mainstream news, they are steadily increasing in frequency.  According to The Wall Street Journal there have been more than 140 companies that experienced cyber attacks in the past 6 months.  While Moscow has denied their involvement, many are concerned that Russia is trying to maintain a longterm hold on the US technology market.

Gifting Down-payments: While in the US many millennials joke about not being able to buy a home, Canadian parents have been gifting their children with down-payments.  The Globe and Mail finds that the percentage of parents contributing to the downpayment on their children’s first homes has increased from 20% in 2015 to almost 30% in 2020. While this has helped keep the Canadian housing marketing steady, it has also contributed to widening the wealth gap between classes.

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