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We’re excited to announce the official launch of the Vested Media Map, a real-time dashboard of top media topics across core industries. This innovative tool enables users to quickly identify and monitor trending topics that members are the media are most interested in, develop actionable insights, and improve pitching strategies and outcomes. 

Navigating the Vested Media Map

The Vested Media Map allows users to select from key financial topics across various industries such as Business and Finance, Tech, Release, and the Economy. By selecting a specific topic, users can view insights as well as popular subtopics within each segment.

Screenshot of the Vested Media Map

Subtopic Sleuthing

Diving deeper, the Vested Media Map can visualize connections between key subtopics within a category. Understanding how hashtags are connected can help users form robust pitches that cover a wider range of trends that members are the media are interested in discussing. 

Screenshot of the Vested Media Map
This spider web graphic shows the interconnectivity of key subtopics.

Qwality Data from a Trusted Source

The Vested Media Map was built in partnership with Qwoted, a network that connects PR pros, expert users, and members of the media. With thousands of media users and hundred of daily source and expert requests, Qwoted boasts a massive database from which to draw insights about the press landscape. 

A Vision for the Future of PR

This cutting-edge tool will provide users with a unique and unprecedented level of insight into the media landscape. Users can expect to uncover valuable trends and gain new perspectives that can help them stay ahead of the competition, better engage with their target audiences, and build stronger relationships with the media.

Screenshot of the Vested Media Map.
Caption: This graphic charts subtopic popularity over a 30-day period.

Commenting on the new dashboard, Dan Simon, Vested Chairman, said, “We are excited to launch this tool which will provide our clients and partners with unparalleled visibility into media trends and help them stay ahead of the curve. Our new dashboard will empower users to identify the most relevant topics and subtopics within their industry, so they can share their insights and perspectives with the media and their network.”

Vested’s new real-time dashboard is now live and accessible to all users.

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