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You need to know what topics are trending across industries. The Vested Media Map, powered by Qwoted, gives you the insights to uncover relevant topics to build stronger relationships with the media.

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What are the Most Recent Inquiries for ?

For these are the Most Popular Subtopics over the Past 30 Days. Consider Including them in your Outreach.

See the relative popularity of subtopics. The size of each bubble shows how popular the subtopic is, and the color shows if it’s trending up or down. Black is trending up, Green is trending down. Act on opportunities in these subtopics with free access to

For , Which Subtopics Offer the Best Opportunities?

Within [topic], the red and green arrows indicate whether subtopics are trending up or down in popularity right now. Consider tailoring your pitch around more popular topics.

Subtopics that have a significant amount of requests but fewer pitches offer a perfect ‘white space’ opportunity to fill a need. These opportunities have a Vested bubble next to the arrow.

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The media uses Vested to generate over a thousand pieces of coverage a month.