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Ishviene Arora

Ishviene Arora

President & Chief Client Officer

Ishviene has managed and executed integrated communications programs for a wide range of financial services clientele, including Citi, Nomura, and BBVACompass. She works closely with firms to identify compelling stories, position executives appropriately in the marketplace, and achieve desired results. Ishviene was a Director at financial PR firm, Cognito for 10 years, prior to which she was at specialist investor relations firm Taylor Rafferty where she was an associate in the media group.

In 2019, Ishviene was named PR Professional of the Year by Bulldog PR  and  Female Entrepreneur of the Year by Women’s World Awards. In 2018, she received the award for Public Relations Professional of the Year from Business Intelligence. Ishviene is also a 2014 award winner of Bulldog Reporters’ PR Gold Award for Financial Communications Professional of the Year.

Complex, fast pace and constantly evolving, Finance touches every aspect of our life. If you want to stand out in this industry, it means not being afraid to have an opinion. As a trusted advisor and consultant to my clients, I am passionate about bringing ideas that will make an impact.