All Change Please: What a New Government will Mean for PR - Vested UK
Previously published on November 15, 2023 in
By Daney Parker, Editor at PRmoment

If you are a betting person, according to bookmakers Paddy Power, the odds are that Labour will win the next general election. So what does this mean for PR, and how should PRs prepare now? Agency leaders discuss the implications and how to prepare for a change in government. We also analyse how one PR sector in particular, property, will be impacted.

Elspeth Rothwell, EMEA CEO of marketing and communications consultancy Vested: ‚ÄúPlanning ahead and understanding how the regulatory and political landscape may change is critical for anyone working in public relations. From mapping current and emerging influencers and establishing future relationships today, to understanding potential policy risks and shifts – and scenario planning accordingly. Thinking about the impact on both an organisation and its audiences is key to building impactful, relevant programmes that achieve an organisation‚Äôs strategic goals.”

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