New Investment Trust, Americans Padding their Saving Accounts, Current Housing Crisis

New Investment Trust: Using real estate to generate passive income has been rising in popularity recently.  From house flipping, to Airbnb rentals and now, real estate investment trusts.  Business Insider covers these new REITs and explains how to generate a passive income by letting others do the heavy lifting.  

Americans Increase Savings: As the economy reopens in a post-pandemic world, economists are witnessing a rare problem. Robert Shapiro in The Atlantic covers the details of how the financial insecurity of the pandemic caused Americans to begin saving a much larger portion of their disposable income than ever before.  He goes on to admit that telling people to save less is an awkward solution to this economic problem.  However, we’ve seen stranger things over the past 18 months.

Boom and Bust: The Financial Times acknowledges the overall uncertainty in the current financial state of the US.  Throughout all the talk of shortages, unemployment and the housing crisis, the last topic holds the most importance to our economy.  “A senior Federal Reserve official has warned the US cannot afford a ‘boom and bust cycle’ in the housing market that would threaten financial stability, in a sign of growing concern over rising property prices at the central bank.”

LGBTQ-friendly banks: In honor of Pride Month, we want to highlight six LGBTQ-friendly banks that have not only executed stellar Pride marketing campaigns but are also allies 365 days a year.  Read more here from our own Director, Bryan Bridges-Limon.

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