Inflation, Rule 7.2, and MBA Salaries

Inflation: Many economists are still in a debate on whether the current rise in prices is a temporary after effect of the pandemic or a long term problem which needs to be addressed.  However, they can all agree that overall prices are indeed rising. The Economist dives into detail on percentages of specific products, such as gasoline, that have risen significantly from a year ago. However, many of our current issues still point back to the broken supply chain.

Rule 7.2: As we go into the Holiday season, New Years Eve lands on a Friday. For those on Wall Street, this means one less day off work. Bloomberg covers the 7.2 rule which covers important holidays landing on a Saturday.  Unfortunately, because New Years Eve ends the calendar year, this rule will not apply.

MBA Salaries: As we find ourselves in the great resignation, MBA graduates are coming into the workforce with amazing opportunities. The Wall Street Journal reports on the fast growing salary rate for recent MBA graduates. Several schools are reporting record breaking numbers for the median salaries of their recent graduates.  These are expected to continue rising as companies compete for the best.

Bitcoin Law: This week, Biden signed his bill, requiring the tax reporting on cryptocurrency into law as Bitcoin hit its all time high. CNBC covers this as well as additional Cryptocurrency news including the Robinhood data breach and the drop of Coinbase Shares.

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