Holiday NFTs, Gen Z Wealth, NatWest Fined

Holiday NFTs: With Christmas rapidly approaching, there is a new item in popular demand and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about being out of stock!  This item is NFT’s.  Bloomberg discusses this new gift craze and the different motivations behind it.  From genuine gifts to buying it as a prank, everyone is excited to see the reaction on their loved ones faces as they open the gift that can not be wrapped.

Gen Z Wealth:  Millennials have been known to be a poorer generation who makes self deprecating jokes about their student loan debt and inability to purchase a house.  As the generation behind them, Gen Z, is entering the workforce, many are wondering how they will handle money.  CNBC compares the financial situation of Baby Boomers and Gen Z to see if they have a chance at becoming one of the wealthiest generations.  

NatWest Fined: NatWest Bank was fined $351 million dollars for failing to prevent money laundering risks.  They were originally fined $396 million dollars however, they did receive a deduction after pleading guilty.  The Wall Street Journal covers the suspicious activities that led to this court case as well as the proceedings that went on in court.

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