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China Housing Market, Mid Life Crisis, and Bulletproof Portfolio

China Housing Market: While many have been talking about the US housing market for over a year now, heads are slowly turning towards the housing market in China. The Wall Street Journal covers the story of these major luxury home developers who are finding themselves in hot water.  In the US, only 12% of the houses sold are new developments.  However, in China, this number rises to over 75% allowing these development companies to experience major growth and extreme profits.  All this growth is catching up with them as the market slows down and they are on the verge of a real estate crisis.  Our Chief Economist, Milton Ezrati, gave his take on the Evergrande Dilemma and how it will affect the economy on a global scale.

Mid Life Crisis Motivation: When you don’t drive, possess odd collections, or have a desire to learn a new hobby, your options are fairly limited when it comes to choosing how to have your mid-life crisis.  Paul Ford has found the solution, fixing climate change.  Wired tells the story of how Paul has found loads of research claiming to have the solution to climate change but lacks the funding needed to pull it off.  Paul compares this to the age of the .com and is excited to see what investment opportunities it will bring in the future.

Middle Class Wealth: In June of this year, the middle class in the US reported having a combined wealth of 26.6% of the total wealth in the US.  Think Advisor tells us how this now puts the top 1% with more wealth than the combined 60% of Americans which make up the middle class.  Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion package is an attempt to even out the wealth distribution and boost the middle class.  

Bulletproof Portfolio: With the housing market in a precarious state and rumors of inflation around the corner, many are scrambling to be financially ready for a crash.  CNBC gives us some helpful advice on bullet proofing your investment portfolio. From reviewing your stock resilience to how to on hold onto gains, they provide excellent financial advice for your portfolio.

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