A new wave of IPO filings, retailers scaling back their catalogs and the international roots of an American tradition - Vested UK

A new wave of IPO filings, retailers scaling back their catalogs and the international roots of an American tradition

Going public: Several tech companies have announced their intent to go public , including DoorDash, AirBnB and Roblox. Taking advantage of a post-election stock market rally that has lifted U.S. indexes to near record highs, all five companies that have filed IPOs last week have recent success stories distinctly tied to the coronavirus reports CNBC. DoorDash and kids gaming platform Roblox both have seen dramatic growth in the third quarter, benefiting from school and restaurant closures. AirBnB may have taken a hit early on in the pandemic, but the company has repositioned itself for a comeback by leveraging its vacation home rentals as remote work options.

Made in the UK: The coronavirus pandemic and Brexit could prompt up to £4.8bn worth of goods to now be manufactured in UK factories. The Guardian points to trends that have already emerged such as online fashion site Asos making its new lower-priced AsYou range at local factories, and Ted Baker announcing its Made in Britain line. The pandemic highlighted structural weaknesses in global supply chains which can be slow to adjust to changing consumer tastes and needs, and this shift in retailers is only a small part of wider changes prompted by COVID19 and Brexit.

A limited catalog: Retailers are beginning to scale back on inventory options offered via their online platforms. According to The Wall Street Journal, many retailers originally expanded their online inventory in recent decades to capitalize on a shift towards personalization and variety in hopes of attracting a wider customer base. However, stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s are finding that having too many choices may be overwhelming shoppers to the point of decision paralysis. Consumer-product companies like PepsiCo Inc. and Procter & Gamble Co. have also recently reduced the varieties in the products they sell in hopes that streamlining the user experience will increase sales.

Turkey dinner: Thanksgiving may look a little different this year for the millions of Americans who will be celebrating on Thursday. However, no matter how big or small, the iconic meal will likely remain much the same as it always looks with the traditional turkey and sides. Almost 40 million turkeys are prepared each year, and as The Economist states, “few things seem more American than this oversized hulk of meat.” But where did the tradition of preparing a turkey for Thanksgiving actually come from and how has it endured all these years?

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