How Communicators Help Employees Use Their Wellness Benefits - Vested UK
Previously published on September 25, 2023 in
PR Daily
By Sean Devlin, Editor at PR Daily

Employees often desire much more beyond compensation. An important part of any positive employee experience centers on the benefits employees receive. These can take many different forms, from hard benefits like a healthcare plan, to so-called soft benefits like the ability to work from home and flexible hours.

But if employees aren’t aware of the benefits at their disposal, how can they best make use of them for their own wellness? We spoke with a group of seasoned communicators to gain a better perspective on how communicating benefits can enrich the employee experience.

Loreal Torres, chief people officer at Vested, said that her organization maintains a process of outreach by reminding new employees of their benefits three times in the first 90 days of employment and giving periodic nudges to employees who aren’t taking enough paid time off. Having concrete places where employees can centrally find their available benefits can be a big help.

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