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Since 1970, Earth Day has been a growing movement allowing governments, businesses and individuals to come together to drive positive action for the future of our planet. Celebrated on April 22nd, this year’s Earth Day comes after another damning report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published in March, described by scientists as a “final warning” to save our planet.

There are many ways companies can get involved, from participating in initiatives such as switching the lights off, to joining marches, signing petitions and assisting with local clean-ups; essentially, there are activities to suit every appetite. Whatever you plan to do, it is worth remembering that Earth Day is a moment in time, and while it is an important one, companies need to ensure they are living authentically in their actions and words.

Every year on Earth Day, Twitter, LinkedIn and the media are flooded with company pledges, and unfortunately, some of those are misleading, and some are downright wrong. So how can companies ensure they are active on Earth Day and remain authentic? Well, it’s all down to ensuring you walk the walk and your communications are credible. 

Below are three tips for communicating on Earth Day:

1. Be authentic – it’s as simple as this. If you have nothing to say, then don’t. And that is ok. Not all companies will have grand net-zero plans or plans to march on Parliament for change. Remain true to yourselves and your brand, and only communicate the actions you are wholeheartedly taking to save our planet.

2. Choose the right channel – understanding which channel is the right one to communicate your plans is vital. Internal and external comms both play a role in ensuring you get your message out there, and the benefits of both are very different. If you have set net-zero targets and have a strategy to meet them, then disseminating this information to the media might be right. If you are planning on helping employees get involved in a local clean-up, then internal comms and Twitter are your best bet.

3. Don’t stop at Earth Day – as I said before, Earth Day is an important event and definitely one to get involved in if you can honestly say you are taking action to protect the future of our planet. But the work doesn’t stop on April 22nd. Governments, businesses and individuals alike have a role to play in combating climate change. 

Earth Day will be a crowded space for businesses looking to stand out, but it can be done. Communication is a powerful tool, and when done right, the benefits can be immense. Just remember to think before you post!

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