Financial PR & Event Case Study: J.C. Flowers | Vested UK
J.C. Flowers

Reassessing Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

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JC Flowers, a private, global investment firm, was forced to reassess its annual global investors conference amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditionally held in person, the event showcases the CEOs of the firm’s portfolio companies and the investment team of JC Flowers. But as coronavirus concerns grew, JC Flowers had to quickly pivot to a virtual meeting.


To do this, JC Flowers turned to Vested to devise a strategy for execution. Security was a top priority for the firm, so Vested created a bespoke webcast that provided the discretion needed in dealing with confidential information while still capturing necessary metrics on attendance and engagement. The Vested team also overhauled the original agenda and reassessed how to best communicate new messages around the pandemic and the economy to investors. Additionally, Vested created a video with custom animation, showing the HQ cities of all participating portfolio companies, and the locations in which they’re investing.


JC Flowers saw four times its regular attendance at the conference. The full audience stayed for the entire duration of the conference, with a nearly 0-percent drop-off rate. Vested enabled a Q&A function for participants. Through the real-time Q&A, investors were able to ask questions about the economy and the overall state of the market, giving them a needed peace of mind during a time of grave uncertainty.