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CFA Society UK

Certificate in ESG Investing Launch


Vested was briefed to create and implement an omni-channel for CFA UK to launch its new Certificate in ESG Investing. This was the first UK training qualification for investment professionals on ESG and the first significant qualification launch for CFA UK in 25 years. The brief had three key objectives:

  • Deliver 300 registrations for the certificate in year one
  • Drive registrations beyond CFA UK members
  • Position CFA UK as a modern and progressive organisation.


Build a network effect for CFA UK by recruiting innovators in ESG investing to lead the debate and and drive engagement. Encourage the industry to know, think, feel and do.

Tactics and outputs:

  • Know: Creation of an omnichannel awareness campaign built on a series of inspiring and informational assets
  • Think: Partnering with ESG investment innovators to create ‘ESG Thoughts’ a content series to drive consideration and understanding
  • Feel: Creation of ESG Voices, a podcast series debating the big topics that investment professionals were considering
  • Do: Development of sales collateral including the first digital toolkit for CFA UK and an advertising retargeting campaign to drive action.

Owned Content Hub

Vested worked with CFA UK to create its first unique ‘content hub’ to host ESG-related content. In addition to factual information about the certificate, this included the podcast and thought leadership content series.

ESG: a portfolio of perspectives, accessible via the CFA UK website

Digital Toolkit

Vested developed a digital toolkit with information about ESG investing and CFA’s ESG certificate.

ESG Investing: Putting Theory into Practice, a digital toolkit developed and designed by Vested for CFA


Vested rolled out the launch of CFA’s ESG Certificate through various social channels, designing custom graphics to raise awareness and drive user acquisition.

Twitter and LinkedIn posts promoting owned content on CFA’s website


Achieving objective one:

  • More than 1,000 registrations for the certificate in the first six months, far exceeding the annual 300 registration target

Achieving objective two:

  • The campaign significantly diversified certificate uptake, 79% of registrations from non-members

Achieving objective three:

  • The success of the launch was closely followed by other CFA society members around the world – Finland, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Ireland have all now followed the UK’s lead
  • Shift in demographic of registrations from ‘typical’ CFA UK qualifications
  • Above benchmark engagement with content series, including podcasts and thought leadership articles