Berkadia | Vested

Building a Lead Gen Machine


Berkadia, a commercial real estate firm, entered the institutional space via a major acquisition. Berkadia was eager to build off the momentum of the acquisition by launching a lead generation program that highlighted thought leadership and research as well as relevant listings. However, they lacked the infrastructure and processes to accurately target and launch the campaign. In addition, Berkadia’s website did not have functions to flexibly create product/business-line specific pages quickly. Berkadia hired Vested to build out a lead generation program leveraging today’s digital toolkit.


Vested kicked off the program with a full Salesforce and Pardot audit to ensure their CRM and marketing automation platform was set up to accurately track and manage leads. Following the audit, the team was able to build a plan that included short-term wins to get the initial campaign going, as well long-term initiatives so that the program could scale across business lines. Vested built out a variety of landing pages and email templates that featured thought leadership, research, listings, newsletters, and events. Vested ensured their marketing automation platform could be flexible enough to meet Berkadia’s different marketing and sales needs.


Berkadia was able to launch their institutional marketing campaign with a full suite of assets that helped them drive action driven communications. Vested’s institutional landing page is now their go-to destination for all things institutional and they are able to track clicks, emails and sales leads seamlessly.