Still 'a topic of hand-wringing': Four years after COVID began, agency RTO policies are yet a work in progress - Vested UK
Previously published on January 4, 2024 in
By Jess Ruderman, Reporter at PRWeek

While many companies, agencies and organizations began encouraging staff to return to the office when COVID-19 vaccines became widely available in early 2021, initial efforts proved futile with the arrival of new virus strains and resistance from staff who were enjoying the benefits of remote work.

Now, almost a year after the official end of the U.S. COVID-19 public health emergency, agencies are again considering whether to strongly encourage or mandate their employees to return to in-person office work more often. Some firms are more clearly establishing a set number of days per week or month that staff should be physically present in the office, with several even tracking office attendance through badge swipes or online check-ins.

Fully remote agencies

Vested Communications never went back to its pre-pandemic in-office policy after its switch in March 2020 and has instead designed offices accommodating hybrid work.

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