Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your ideal work environment. What does it look like? Is it buzzing with people who mega-appreciate you and push you to do your best? Does it have killer benefits and a stellar work-life balance? Is it a place you picture yourself staying at… well, forever… simply because, no other place could beat it?

Yeah, that’s what we envision too.

Now let me ask you this… how big is this perfect work environment? Is it a large corporate firm, a small agency, or somewhere in the middle?

You may think you need to work at a Fortune 500 to have this coveted ideal work environment, but that’s not true.

We’re here to tell you that you can have all that (and more) at a small agency like Vested.

Curious to know more? Read on to find out how Vested is debunking 5 common myths about working at a small agency.

Myth 1: They Don’t Work With Big-Name Brands

False. Vested works with some of the biggest financial brands in the industry, from established global institutions all the way down to disruptive fintech startups.

We do speechwriting for the CMO of American Express and the CEO of Bloomberg. We created an award-winning website for Citadel. Morgan Stanley hired us to help launch their new robo-advisory service (along with a host of other digital products).

As the fastest-growing PR agency in the world, we work with big names like Morningstar, Bloomberg, and Goldman Sachs, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Technology is transforming the way people think about financial services. We’re focused on helping the financial services industry transition seamlessly into today’s digital age.

Myth 2: There’s No Work-Life Balance

This is false, too. Vested offers unlimited vacation time, unlimited sick time and a totally, no-questions-asked work from home policy.

We know you want control over the things that matter most to you—your time, your health, and your emotional well-being.

We know you have dreams that extend far beyond what you do at work. You want to travel. You want to explore, create, and try new things. We want you to do all that too (and more).

That’s why every full-time employee gets a paid 3-month sabbatical every 4 years. (I can tell you that’s something most companies don’t do—not even the bigger guys.) Not to toot our own horn, but Vested was even named Top Place to Work by PR News.

Myth 3: There’s No Diversity Or Company Culture

Vested was founded by three immigrants and second generation-ers, each from different parts of the globe. From top to bottom, diversity is a part of our DNA.

We’re diverse in citizenship—60 percent of Vested employees are dual citizens.

Our team is diverse in religion—we have seven different religions represented in our office.

The Vested team is diverse in background—we don’t just hire people with finance degrees. Collectively, our employees cover 25 different areas of study, from business and accounting all the way down to film and women’s studies.

We’re just as diverse in thoughts and opinions as we are in race, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We know that a lack of diversity and inclusion is at the foundation of many problems we see today. The financial services industry has a reputation for being homogeneous, and we’re working hard to change that.

Our rapid success is directly related to our intentional and obsessive commitment to diversity and inclusion. We couldn’t help our widely diverse range of clients if we ourselves weren’t diverse too.

Myth 4: They Don’t Have Great Benefits Or Pay

Remember the 3-month sabbatical and the unlimited out-of-office policies we mentioned in Myth #2? Well, wait… there’s more.

At Vested, we believe our employees should feel like bonafide rock stars (because you definitely are one). That’s why every Vested employee gets a Vested Uber account, free Starbucks and Bluestone account. Not to mention we have a killer snack selection featuring beer and cold brew on tap (need I say more?).

We’re growing at lightning speed. When you join #TeamVested, you get to grow at lightning speed too. Our bonuses and equity programs mean there’s no ceiling to what you can earn. When we win, you win too. On top of our awesome benefits, we also offer a competitive salary. And when someone graduates from our Vested Graduate Program, they’re immediately given a $5,000 signing bonus and a full-time job.

Myth 5: They Lack Transparency

At Vested, we believe the only way to attract and retain the best is by sharing the most. You want to own a piece of what you work for. You want to have a stake in its success.

That’s why every full-time employee at Vested is a dividend-yielding shareholder. As Vested grows, so do you. We have a quarterly profit share pool, and we pay commissions on new business and candidate referrals. That’s just our way of saying thanks for helping our firm grow.

Many people think working for a small agency means no job security, and we disagree.

In the name of transparency, every Vested employee gets a quarterly financial performance report from our CFO. We even break down how each performance maps back to employee bonuses and our profit share pool. We want you to know exactly how our company is doing—for better or for worse.

Why We’re In-Vested In You

Our business model is grounded in three things: hiring great people, investing in them, and giving them the tools to succeed. We actually call this our Manivesto because we’re committed to investing in our employees and keeping them around for the long haul.

You want to flex your creative muscles and build something greater than yourself. We know that. That’s why Vested uses an integrated approach to communications. We apply a mix of marketing, PR, social, and paid media techniques to help businesses raise their profile, improve their reputation, and drive sales.

We’re growing at lightning speed and there’s no end in sight. The small agency you start with today may very well be a large agency a decade from now. If you’re an innovative problem solver who wants an active role in building something greater than yourself, then we want to talk to you.   Want to join #TeamVested? Check out our job openings at

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