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Adam Bernards

Adam Bernards

Adam Bernards

Creative Manager, US

Adam is a senior account director and brings with him deep expertise in the written word across all digital platforms, as well as relationships with prominent financial journalists across North America forged through his work as a journalist and as a public relations specialist.

Adam works on developing and creating new and innovative strategies for well-regarded organisations in the financial services industry, including award winning global trading platform CMC Markets, with an emphasis on media relations and drafting and editing a variety of custom content pieces including op-eds, whitepapers and other forms of written communications.

Prior to joining Vested, Adam worked as an editor/reporter for Toronto’s only 24-hour news radio station 680 News, and served in a variety of editorial roles with various publications. Adam’s work has been published in a number of print and online publications including Family Office Magazine, Benefits and Pensions, and Wealth Professional.

It’s easy to look at finance as just a world of dollars and cents, but behind every number is a real human story. It’s our job to ensure that story gets told in the right way.